The MoVI M10 In Action

OK I  found another director who wants to create dynamic images and play with new technology! We broke out the MoVI M10 in Boston and Providence to end the year. A fantastic piece of gear.  


Impressive to work as a team (operator, AC, and RC operator) and then also as a solo operator in “majestic” mode. Lots of improvements (in movement/motor control) with the external iPad controller. We flew the damn thing with the RED Epic. Not so fun on my back. And then came to our senses and found a Canon 1DC and a set of Canon Cine Primes. That is a  winning combination for a MoVI. 


But the key to success…A knowledgeable tech who knows about camera operation and cinematography. That man is Mike Sutton out of Rule Camera in Boston. He is the fantastic.



And let the director hold the rig.



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Making It in Providence, Rhode Island

I had the privilege of filming a number of branding and marketing spots with (ADD)ventures out of Providence, RI. A very cool group that blends an advertising house, a new media lab, and a full service production company. They are doing great work and growing fast. The pieces were directed by Scott Maiocchi. Great crew including Producer Keely Taylor, 1st AD Marie Chao,  AC Joe Christofori, Gaffer Mike Lee, Gaffer Carlos Bermudes, and an amazing Location Manager J. Peter Gonzalez.  Look forward to more creative enterprises in the coming year.





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Wayne films in Petaluma, CA

Director of photography Matt Siegel worked to film and produce the short film project Wayne in Petaluma, California.

The cast featured Stuart Klitsner as Wayne and Martha Stookey as his wife Louise.

The short film project was beautifully directed by Mario Galarreta.

Natalia, the still photographer, promises  images from Behind the Scenes in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to San Francisco vendors  Videofax, Steelhip Lighting, and Little Giant Lighting and Grip for their support of the project.

The crew takes a break in beautiful Petaluma, CA before going into nights on the project Wayne

The crew takes a break in beautiful Petaluma, CA before going into nights on the project Wayne.

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New Equipment: Alura Lenses In-House

ARRI-AluraZoom18-80-420x300Imageworks now features the ARRI-Fujinon Alura lenses.

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Google Introduces the Knowledge Graph


Q: What’s a Knowledge Graph?
A: The next level of search from Google.

We did a little introductory piece…


You can see the handsome and popular video (over a million hits!) on YouTube.

Click here to view the Knowledge Graph video.

Welcome to Google's Knowledge Graph

Welcome to Google’s Knowledge Graph

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Betabrand: The World’s First Sock Insurance



Met up and had some fun with the hip guys from Betabrand. Then filmed a quick commercial in San Francisco.

See our video here.

Check them out at

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Playtime with Google and NASCAR

Look Mom, no hands!

Coming up to speed with a quick piece Matt Siegel and Imageworks-LA did last month with Google, the company co-founder Sergey Brin, and NASCAR.


Click to see the Google driverless NASCAR in action.

Google co-founder Sergy Brin tests the new Google Driverless NASCAR vehicle.

386082_201206011427582.thumb 386082_201206011427583.thumb386082_201206011428331.thumb

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Oscar for Trumbull

A nice write-up on Doug Trumbull in The New York Times.

The special-effects whiz and director Douglas Trumbull receives a special Oscar on Saturday — the Gordon E. Sawyer Award. Here is the NY Times Link.



Check out the informative video imbedded in the article called “Trumbull on Shooting Action.” The link describes Digital Showscan technology and features Matt Siegel, Marie Chao, Barnaby Jackson from Machine Hero and Josh Backer from Animal Studios.


The Showscan Digital shoot at Hasbro’s CakeMix Studio, Providence, Rhode Island.

386082_201202090638073.thumb 386082_201202090638074.thumb

Creative director Josh Backer and Animal Studios created the visual effects and graphics, which illustrate the innovations behind Showscan Digital technology.


Thanks to Matte Chi, Kenny G, and Laetitia for letting us know about the online NYT article.

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Xin nian kuai le: An Epic-X Adventure

The year of the dragon has arrived in EPIC style!
We are celebrating the RED EPIC-X arrival at the LA office.
Before lunch, setting up the FIRMWARE, testing the PL and Canon EF lens mounts, formatting the SSD media cards, and getting ready for our first test shoot tomorrow!
Fantastic stuff.

Red Epic-X #323 Arrives at the Imageworks- LA Office

Red Epic-X #323 Arrives at the Imageworks- LA Office

386082_201201260406302.thumb 386082_201201260407371.thumb 386082_201201260408091.thumb

Thank you Jon Nash from the UK
for partnering up with us here in Los Angeles.

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Meanwhile…In New York City

I had the pleasure to work with Ira Raider and Raider Productions last week.
Ira was kind enough to bring me in as a cameraman for
NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.
I said yes before I knew what we would be doing and that it would involve waking up at 4am.
But sometimes it all works out OK in the end.
Our assignment in NYC…
George Clooney on films, women’s shoes and past jobs.

Click here to see the video.

A nice change of pace.
Ira and the team can be found at

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